Knowlden Titlow Insurance BrokersKnowlden Titlow Insurance Brokers

In 2003 in conjunction with PAD Services we migrated their legacy bespoke system to a brand new system to enable more efficient e-business. The new system provides them with a paperless office solution tailored to their needs. The system is so highly thought of that there has been interest from other insurance brokers.

In 2008 Knowlden Titlow wanted to upgrade there IT system so they could have the option of more users working remotely. Previously the few remote users would use the current system. We provided them with a new HP server which acts as there terminal server giving users the option to do everything they could do in the office from anywhere with an internet connection.

More recently we have provided Knowlden Titlow with a new service being our offsite backup and disaster recovery solution. This backs up everything that has changed on there system every hour. It is then automatically restored on a virtual replica of there entire IT system at our data centre. In the case of total disaster members of staff would be able to work from another location with an internet connection.

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