Online-Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery System

A&T Computers have developed a system which allows us to continually backup files, applications, settings, emails and databases to our secure remote storage servers, all of this can be backed up using a standard ADSL broadband connection. Using government standard 128bit encryption we are able to provide continuous application protection by backing up just the changes that has been made. Backups can be run as frequently as every 60 seconds so there is very little changes of data loss compared with the standard nightly tape backups.

Your data is uploaded to our storage server which is contained in a secure location with 24 hour CCTV and a member of A&T support team on site most of the time. The storage server contains 24 x 1TB high performance hard drives which gives us the ability to store decades worth of data for you. The server has redundant power supplies and 2 high performance Intel Quad Core processors with stacks of memory to keep things running smoothly.

We also have another server which is dedicated to managing the disaster recovery solution. We host a clone of your servers which are updated every time a backup is run so we have an identical copy of your servers. This means if disaster strikes we are able to provide remote access to an up to date version of your system from anywhere with an internet connection.

Currently we are providing two versions of this solution which gives you a choice on what you think is best for your company.

The Total Storage solution provides a complete bespoke service where we monitor the changes made to your file system and configure the offsite backup to run most efficient way which provides you with the best protection available. This solution is for a company that needs there backup to be as upto date as possible meaning that minimum data is lost from that day.

The Archive and Append solution is a once a day job backup that replaces and fully automates the current tape solutions. Tape backups can be un-reliable when it comes to restoring them, this is why you need to keep 20+ tapes and yearly backups. Well now with the Archive and Append solution you no longer have to worry about changing your tapes on a daily basis.

For more infomation on each of these solutions please see the links below.