Total Storage Tariff - You pay for what you use not matter how much you upload.

Total Storage is for those companies that wish to upload throughout the day in order to prevent as much data loss as possible.  With unlimited bandwidth you pay for what you store not how often you make changes to the data.  This tariff has been designed to compliment our Disaster Recovery option.

With the total storage solution we provide a configuration service to make sure your system is backed up as often as possible. The backup software does an incremental backup which means it compares what has already been backed up with what is on the system and any changes made to your system it will backup. This method means that the backup software will only upload from your system files that have been changed. This decreases bandwidth usage and increases the speed that a backup can complete in. However there is a gap between the previous backup and the start of the next backup, this is due to the software comparing the changes.

We minimise this delay by doing a couple of things with the configuration of your backup jobs. First we segment your backup jobs so we create multiple backup jobs for your entire file system, this means that each backup job only has to compare smaller amounts of files each time it starts a backup. The second thing we do is create your backup schedules so that as soon as one backup has finished the comparing process another backup job starts the comparing process, this means that your system is constantly being backed up providing the best protection agaist data loss.